Psychologists Without Borders is a not-for-profit making, nonpartisan and nonsectarian organization, which operates nationally and internationally enabling intercultural processes aimed at achieving peace, justice and the common welfare, according to the principles of International Cooperation. In 2004 Psychologists Without Borders begins to take its first steps with the intent to promote and develop the intervention, the role and activities of International Cooperation in psychology. The first site of Psychologists without Borders NGO was founded in Padua in 2007, later developed several official groups. The areas on which Psychologists Without Borders works are: the promotion of social solidarity, the implementation of best practices in health and communities in the area, improving the status of women and children, scientific research.
Voluntary and International Cooperation
Psychologists Without Borders has sent on the field, since 2004, over 100 volunteers graduate and undergraduate students in psychology, mainly in South America (especially Brazil, Peru, Ecuador) and Asia (Thailand, Philippines). The interventions are focused on the field of counseling and educational activities in the host structures, training of local actions to promote wellness, monitoring and evaluation of community development projects.
Route Guidance individual
Psychologists Without Borders organizes paths psychological orientation to individual volunteer. These meetings are offered to volunteers on a personal and departing PSF related to motivational aspects, attitudinal and ethical issues of their volunteer work.
Training Classroom
The classroom training consists of training courses of short and medium term, residential or otherwise, proposed by the association during the year, turned to the volunteers at the start. Provides theoretical and methodological basis for forming the psychologist who will work in international cooperation.
Training in the field (Summer Camp)
PSF organizes training for one month training in the field, offering the opportunity to gain experience about the analysis, the study of culture and society of the host country in collaboration with local stakeholders, with particular reference to problems of social nature.
Workshops and seminars
From 2007 to present Psychologists Without Borders organizes cycles of meetings and seminars to explore the role of psychology and human sciences in the world of cooperation. The lectures were held by the best professionals at the national level and operators at the highest level of experience.


Other actions
Participation in European projects
The association works as a collaborating partner in European projects NEWIP (Nightlife, Empowerment and Well-being Project Implementation) (link) and the DC & D II project (Democracy Cities on Drugs). Psychologists Without Borders has been honored with a plaque by the European Commission recognizes its commitment to the EAD (European Action on Drugs).
In Italy
Psychologists Without Borders promotes the opening of local offices and collaborates with other organizations in the area of interest to many socio-cultural projects offering advice, training and services.


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